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In partnership with Bright World Guardianships

It is the policy of most schools in the UK that all international students must have an Educational Guardian for the duration of their studies. This is to ensure there is an independent adult, or company, to act on behalf of the child’s parents if they are not resident in the UK. Educational Guardians play an essential role in supporting students both in college and in their accommodation. 

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If you require assistance appointing a suitable guardian, KSS has formed a strategic partnership with Bright World.

Bright World are able to provide high-quality guardianship services across all three locations, supporting students in KSS accommodation and at college.

Visit Bright World for more information or download the brochure below.

The role of a guardian

The nominated guardian must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Permanent UK resident (i.e. UK passport holder or with leave to remain)
  • Adult (over 25 years old)
  • Fluent English speaker
  • Available 24/7 in case of emergency
  • Live within two hours’ drive of the college
  • Able to provide the right level of support to the student

The guardian’s details must be included on the accommodation and college registration forms and consent letters. We will contact the guardian before the start of term to ensure that they are fully aware of their responsibilities.

The guardian will be expected to give parental permission for:

  • Weekend exeats
  • Consent for participation in extracurricular / social activities or trips
  • Changing / altering academic course / subject
  • Extended absence due to ill-health
  • Support dealing with attendance problems in college
  • Support with academic progress – e.g. to arrange supplementary lessons
  • Arranging airport transfers on arrival / departure for each term of study, as required

The guardian will also be expected to deal with emergency student situations, such as:

  • Same day provision of appropriate emergency accommodation should the student be unable to remain in their residence (through ill-health) or to attend college (e.g. due to suspension)
  • Immediate support for medical emergencies – e.g. visit and support the student in hospital; provide consent for medical procedures

If the nominated guardian is unable to fulfil the obligations as outlined above, Kensington Student Services reserve the right to request that the services of an alternative (AEGIS accredited) guardian is sought.

Further information

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