COVID-19: FAQs for residents

Our residences will be open to provide safe accommodation for students in September.

On this page, you’ll find useful information about our plans for the 2020 Autumn term across all of our residences - simply click on the buttons below to view the relevant FAQs.

For the further information about KSS and MPW arrangements for the 2020 Autumn term, please visit our dedicated Ready to Go website.

Will KSS Halls of Residence be open in September 2020?

KSS look forward to welcoming back our returning students, and those who are moving in with us for the first time, to our residences which will be open this autumn. We are confident that we can deliver a safe environment for students and staff to ensure our residents are well supported and kept safe, minimising transfer risk whilst being able to ensure that every resident receives individualised support.

Can I walk from the Halls of Residence to MPW Colleges, shops and restaurants?

Yes. In each location, our residences are within easy walking distance of MPW Colleges, as well as many shops and restaurants.

Is KSS continuing to confirm Guardianship arrangements?

Yes – KSS is continuing to confirm Guardian arrangements for students needing this service. More information can be found on our Guardianship page.

Will events take place at the Halls of Residence?

We will have a schedule of enrichment activities for our residents and these will be planned to follow UK government guidance. It may be necessary for some of these to be online only but, if this is the case, we will work with our residents to ensure these are still fun and enjoyable.

Will the Halls of Residence be open at half term and Christmas?

Our accommodation will remain open during the 2020/21 half terms and Easter break. Currently our Halls of Residence are not open during the Christmas period; we will review this arrangement after the start of the autumn term depending on quarantine requirements in the UK.

Will I still be charged full accommodation fees at KSS Halls of Residence if I am unable to come to an MPW College for in-person teaching in September?

All student bookings with KSS for the 2020/21 academic year have been given a discounted rate and will pay no rent for the first 2 months, with accommodation fees being payable from 1st November. Any student arriving later than the 1st November, until the 4th January will be charged on a pro rata basis from the date of arrival.

Am I able to visit the Halls of Residence during Summer 2020?

At present, we are unable to receive visitors at our residences, as we undertake our regular renovations, but as usual expect to be able to do so later in August 2020, and will update these pages when visits are available.

Are you confident that you can safeguard me/my child during this period?

Our reopening in September is underpinned by full risk assessments and extensive planning, to ensure that our students and staff are supported in a safe, secure living environment. We continue to monitor both the local and global situation to inform our plans, and to continue to care for students as we have throughout the period March – June 2020.

Have there been any cases of COVID-19 in KSS premises?

There haven’t been any cases of COVID-19 at our Halls of Residence.

Will students and staff need to wear face coverings in the Halls of Residence?

All staff and students will be encouraged to wear masks during any quarantine period and in common areas, and we reserve the right to make the wearing of face coverings mandatory should the situation in the UK mean this is necessary.

How will social distancing work in KSS Halls of Residence?

KSS rooms are single occupancy with no shared rooms. Government guidance to provide a safe and secure environment for every resident has been rigorously followed. KSS offers optional meal plans, laundry service and cleaning plans for residents with full support on-site from experienced staff members, and we are able to use these services to support our students within our COVID-19 response plans.

Will there be regular temperature testing of all students and staff?

Yes, in addition to the testing of students at MPW colleges, our staff will also be temperature tested on a minimum of two occasions each week, and will also carry out welfare checks for all residents twice a day, and offer support if they feel unwell.

Will students and staff have access to hand sanitisers within the Halls of Residence?

Yes, dispensers have been placed throughout our accommodation to ensure easy access, particularly in high traffic areas, and regular use of sanitiser by students, staff and visitors will be encouraged.

How will the Halls of Residence be kept clean?

An enhanced regime will be in place during 2020/21, including regular cleaning of high traffic areas and surfaces throughout the day, including daily cleaning of common areas.

Will visitors be allowed at residences?

We will limit visitors to our accommodation to ensure our residents are comfortable in their homes.

What happens if a student in your Halls of Residence shows symptoms of COVID-19?

In such a situation, the student concerned will self-isolate, and will be tested immediately and will need to continue self-isolation until the result of the COVID-19 test is received.

What measures will be in place should a student living in a KSS residence catch the virus?

If a student or staff member tests positive, current UK Government guidance is that s/he should self-isolate for 7 days. Closure of the Colleges/Halls of Residence should not be required. During self-isolation, full academic and pastoral support will be offered, including access to remote learning.

I’m not staying in KSS accommodation – how can I check safety concerns?

If you’re not staying with KSS this academic year, please contact your provider directly to check what provisions have been put in place in your residences.

When should I arrive at my Halls of Residence?

Our advice is that international students aim to arrive at KSS accommodation on or around 2nd September. This will provide the opportunity for Covid-19 test results to be received prior to induction on 4th September (see below).

How will I be able to get from the airport to my KSS Halls of Residence?

Normally, this service is arranged through a student’s Guardian. Where Guardians cannot arrange airport transfers to KSS accommodation, KSS can coordinate collection by a named person who will wear a face covering and transport the student in a regularly disinfected vehicle direct to their KSS accommodation.

Will students be tested for COVID-19 on arrival?

To ensure all students can mix safely during this period KSS will be providing on-site testing for Covid-19 on arrival. Students will be required to isolate in their rooms until we have their test results,which we expect within 24 hours, and those with negative results should then be able to mix with fellow students within their household. Any student testing positive will be supported by staff as they isolate for a minimum of 7 days and KSS will work with Public Health England on their behalf. A further test will be carried out after the isolation period.

Is there a charge for the COVID-19 test?

There will be no charge for the test on arrival, or the follow up test following a period of isolation, should this still be required. If a student requests or requires any further testing this will be charged at £75 per test. Stocks of test will be readily available and any student presenting with known symptoms will be required to take a test.

Will I be able to spend a quarantine period at KSS?

It is still uncertain as to the likelihood of quarantine measures being required in September, as the UK has already unlocked a large proportion of measures and this is expected to continue. However, to manage this uncertainty KSS has put in place a framework that will be flexible enough to cater for different students’ needs.

Students needing to arrive prior to their induction will be able to arrive from 23rd August and complete any quarantine period at their accommodation. There will be no extra charge for accommodation for quarantine periods prior to the arrival date of 2nd September, although students will be required to take the full board mandatory meal plan which will be charged at £25 per day.

Students who arrive around the 2nd September and are required to quarantine will be able to complete this quarantine at their halls of residence, and attend their induction and classes online until they have completed their quarantine. KSS is also able to support students who have quarantine restrictions at any time during the Autumn term.

If a student travels to the UK during or after their induction and is then subject to a period of quarantine, the same arrangements around COVID-19 testing will be in place, prior to joining in-person classes. Full Board options will continue to be available for quarantine periods.

What kind of programme will be provided for students arriving before 2nd September?

Should students elect to travel early, a limited pre-induction programme will be in place. This will focus on students becoming fully registered and connected to our systems and resources. Meetings with MPW Directors of Studies and teachers will take place so that any individual issues can be dealt with, and to start the ongoing processes of learning and student support. We will also provide virtual social events across the three MPW schools.