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How do I book?
How to secure my booking?
Can you assist with visa applications?
What if I would like to terminate my pre-booked accommodation arrangement?
Do I have to follow any house rules?
Do I need a Guardian?
Can I choose where my room is in the building?

Payments and deposits

Is the booking fee refundable?
When will my damage deposit be returned?
Do I need to pay council tax?
How can I pay my accommodation fees?
When do I need to pay my accommodation fees?


Can I move in before the start date?
Can I move out early?
How can I cancel?

Living at KSS

What about safety and security?
Can I personalise my room?
Who is responsible for cleaning my room?
Where can I collect my post?
Can I have guests to stay overnight?
Where can I wash my clothes?
Where can I smoke?
How to report faults/ problems?

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